May 24

Samir Paul: Today

Los dias lluviosos son los mejores me hacen muy caliente , hoy fui por una tasa de te y empezó a llover muy fuerte y hacia mucho frio, despues de una hora logre salir y desear estar entre mis sabanas caliente dándome calor y muy excitado con ganas de que alguien me diera mucho calor y me follara

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May 22

Yandar R: Hello Guys

i new guy i like my news Friends so good like every day that thank you for now my days is happy and good i hot guy i lke you have my big dick fat like hot ass hot dicks i love kisses in my ass and in my big fat dick too you i love eat my milk i very horny oil in my body is so hot too for me and in my fat cock i love you mouth in my fat dick kisses in my throat and in you throat i dominat guy i love domination or you dominat me too welcome guys to my room kisses and thank you for every day visit me kisses

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May 22

Zaid Azahar: My Neighbor's Underwear

my neighbor was a very handsome and beautiful man, but he was not gay and I lived in love with him and I liked him a lot and I never said anything to him because he was not gay, but I felt a lot of attraction for him, and the courtyards of our houses only a small wall and I could notice the one where he was throwing the dirty clothes that he was taking off and I am dying to smell the sweat of his shirts, his pants of his underwear and I every time I passed for the pario of he and I caught him some time to smell the sweat of him and that excites me a lot.

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May 22

Levi Youg: The Begining

hey, so i just met this woman which i explain to her what i do in she admires it. this site has boosted my confidence ive been going thru a lot with bills in rough situations. i come on here everything goes away i don’t think about my life i feel like a celebrity lol. but anyway she wants to join me on here so please be supportive for the both of us in hopefully we get better. i wish me and her can broadcast together im not sure if that’s allowed or not. but i guess i will figure it out soon theres just so much to read on here lol. i love everyone in im a real freak i would love to get to know some people a little bit. have great conversatioons.

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